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               Welcome to the DeMenthon Saint Bernards Site!

     We are a small Saint Bernard show kennel located in Liberty Hill, TX.  We began showing our dogs back in 2011; we have been hooked ever since. 

     We are members of the North Texas Saint Bernard Club (NTSBC); our Saint Bernards are bred for temperament, health, structure and type.

     Our saints are members of our family first and show dogs second. We absolutely love the breed, and could not imagine life without these calm, patient, gentle giants. It is amazing that such an enormous animal can be so loving and sweet. We love our dogs, each with their own distinct personalities, and our hope is that we can use these individual traits to help in enhancing the breed and producing the highest quality dogs possible. 

      Our puppies are sold with limited registration and spay and neuter contracts unless going to an approved show home.

  We are NOT "backyard" breeders, we do not breed our dogs over and over and over just to make money; we look at dogs from other reputable breeders to find the best match for our girls. This allows us get as close to a perfect Saint Bernard as possible. 





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