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Please note: None of the dogs on these pages are for sale. 

 Swisstar's Honey Beladonna aka "Bella"


Born on May 17, 2010, Bella is the oldest and the matriarch of our pack. Bella teaches all the new puppies their place in the pack and keeps everyone else in line. We call her "The Queen" for good reason. She will be 10 this May, but she still runs and plays with the dogs and puppies like she was much younger!   

Update: Bella crossed over the rainbow bridge in early August 2020. She was the role model for the rest of the pack, the sweetest, most wonderful dog that ever existed. She will be forever in our hearts. 




H litter Boys 1.jpg

"H" litter boys 

H litter girls.jpg

"H" litter girls

Dementhon's Eleanor Rigby aka Ellie

Miss Ellie is from our "E" litter, born May 1, 2018. She is very happy, playful, full of life. She fits right in with the rest of our fur babies! Ellie took Reserve on 6 December 2019 and Best of Winners on 11 January 2020! She is well on her way to becoming a champion and we could not prouder! 

Ellie Win.jpg
Ellie Win2.jpg
Ellie win 3.jpg
Ellie win 4.jpg

Dementhon's Emelia


Born May 1, 2017, Emelia is also from our "E" litter, she is Ellie's sister. We are currently trying to find her a new home. She is very sweet and loves people. Please message us for more information. 

 CH Covered Bridges "Joker's Little Princess" aka "Lucy"

Lucy CH.jpg

Born May 14th, 2020, Miss Lucy comes to us from a Covered Bridge Saints in Illinois. She is a very pretty girl, and such a wonderful temperament. We love her!


OFA Health Testing:
Degenerative Myopothy: Normal  
OFA eyes: Normal 
OFA Heart: Normal
OFA Hip & elbows pending 
Thyroid: Normal



Covered Bridges v Epic's Girl of Many Faces aka "Arya"


Miss Arya comes to us from Covered Bridges Saints, She is Ace's Sister. Don't let that sad look on her face fool you - she is the happiest, sweetest, most adorable girl! She is very vocal as well. Her show name refers to how she looks very different on her right side as she does on her left! 

Arya 2.jpg

"Covered Bridge's Texas Tornado" aka "Claire"

Texas Tornado aka Claire Covered Bridges

Born in November 2020, miss Claire is quite handful! She is very mischievious, she gets into everything.  But isn't she just the most adorable little girl! 

Dementhon's Heidi

Miss Heidi and the rest of her litter were born February 16th, 2021, in the middle of a snowstorm, with power outages hourly, and no running water. We are blessed to have her, and she is a very pretty girl. 

Heidi 1.jpg

Dementhon's Heaven Can Wait aka "Hannah"

Miss Hannah was also born February 16th, 2021, in the middle of a snowstorm. it touch and go her, she almost didn't make it. But with the help of her human momma, she survived, which is how she got her name "Heaven Can Wait".  

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