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For possible future puppy owners:

the following questions will help us in deteriming whether a Saint would be a good fit for you, and if so will also help us to fit you with the right puppy personality wise. 

1. have you ever had a Saint Bernard? Or do you currently own one or more?

2. Are you ok with all of the hair and drool that comes with having a Saint Bernard? (Because there will be lots)

3. Do you have sufficient space inside and outside your residence to accommodate a dog that could grow to be upwards of 200 pounds or more?

4. We only give limited registration with our puppies, which means the potential owner will not breed or show the dog, it will be a pet only. would this be a problem?

5. will you be able afford the sometimes large vet bills that can come with having a big dog? 
6. We understand that sometimes things happen that can change living situations. we require by contract (that is signed when the puppy is picked up) that if, for any reason, you are not able to keep the dog any longer, it WILL return to us. This ensures us that they will never end up in a shelter. would this be a problem? 
7. we require that any potential puppy owners come to our house to meet us and our pack. Unless you are very far away. we will then settle for a possible face to face on social media platform or at the very least a phone call. is this ok?  
8. do you have a preference of puppy? Male or female? smooth or rough coat?  
9. we require that everyone that takes a puppy to their forever home keep in touch with us in some way and send pictures as often as possible so that we can see our puppies grow into the beautiful dogs that they will be. would this be a problem? 

please understand that as reputable breeders we only want the best owners for our dogs. If, after meeting any you, we do not feel that you are good match for one of our puppies, we will end any negotiations and the puppy will go to a family that is better suited. 

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